Siting Critical Facilities Out of Harm's Way

Critical facilities should, if at all possible, be sited outside the 500-year floodplain and surge zones, and away from shorelines subject to erosion. They must be located where they will be accessible and able to perform critical functions during hazard events. If possible, poorly sited existing structures should be relocated (see relocating existing structures). Technical assistance is available from the DCR Flood Hazard Mitigation Program and CZM to assist in identification of options to address these issues. See the funding page for possible funding assistance.

* Your community needs only 500 points to qualify for reduced flood insurance premiums through the Community Rating System (CRS). For more information (including how to apply for the CRS program), see our Community Rating System (CRS) primer.

Notes from the folks at CRS:

“Credit is available where critical facilities are prohibited from the 500-year floodplain.”