Creating Permanent No-Build Areas

Several options exist for communities to permanently protect certain areas. Permanent protection is especially appropriate for areas where flooding is so frequent or severe that any development would put people or property at extreme risk, or for areas that provide significant storm protection for development. Your community may wish to set aside these high-risk areas as parks, recreation areas, or other greenspaces. For some potential funding sources, see the funding section.

The following is a list of appropriate techniques.

* Your community needs only 500 points to qualify for reduced flood insurance premiums through the Community Rating System (CRS). For more information (including how to apply for the CRS program), see our Community Rating System (CRS) primer.

Notes from the folks at CRS:

“One of the best ways to prevent flood damage is to keep flood-prone areas free of development. In addition to flood protection benefits, preserving open space can greatly enhance the natural and beneficial functions that floodplains serve. Additional credit is provided where open space parcels are protected with deed restrictions and when these areas are in an undeveloped natural state, have been restored to a natural state, or protect natural and beneficial floodplain functions.”